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Released by Nikon in March 2015. Part of Nikon's Coolpix series.

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Is there a way to replace the lens?

Hello, so I bought a camera from someone and the lens has a nick in the lens and it’s causing the pictures I take to have a blob in them. Is there a way to take the lens off or fix it? Starting photography and I was super excited and now I’m bummed.

Thank you

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Unfortunately, this model is a fixed lens camera, which means the lens is not replaceable without full disassembly, and that replacement lenses aren’t available directly. You can take it to an approved “authorized repair station” or send it to nikon directly, but you will have to pay since it’s out of warranty, and that’s if they still have replacement lenses available. Make sure to inspect any cameras you buy secondhand thoroughly from now on, people sell them damaged very frequently.

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