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Una máquina lavadora con carga superior de Fisher&Paykel.

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light on the power is still showing the spanner symbol.

My Fisher & Paykel washing machine just came up with the above problem today. I've tried the above solutions but the light on the power is still showing the spanner symbol.

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Chief Maximus Osuamadi that of course is the service symbol.

the spanner icon is the service light. According to the manual try this:

The service light (spanner icon) is flashing.

1. Turn your machine off at the wall.

2. Wait 1 minute and turn it back on.

3. Check your machine is level (refer to installation instructions pages 2 – 4).

4. Remove load and retry.

5. Put through a RINSE and SPIN cycle.

6. If the fault re-occurs repeat steps 1 and 2.

So we need to know what model this is and what symptoms besides the service icon your washer shows. That light does come on when your washer reports an error. It can probably not be reset because the error still exist.

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