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Foam in washing machine

I had too much foam in my washing machine, despite changing detergent, cleaning machine, checked for blockages,

I eventually gave up and have bought a new machine.

I’m now doing its first wash - An empty wash with detergent, as per manufacturers recommendation. I still have the same problem!

The drum is full of foam. If I pause the machine, the bubbles pop and the water looks clear. Start it again and within minutes the drum is full of foam.

What can be the problem ! Thanks.

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@stemmy10 that sounds like a detergent issue. What make and model is your washer?

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What detergent are you using?

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We have a water softener and used to work fine. Then when old machine started foaming, I tried various different types of detergent but same issue with all. Also reduced the amount I use but have heard that in itself can cause foaming. New machine now I’m running an empty cycle now with no detergent to make sure all detergent is clear then will try another detergent. Just got a new Hotpoint NM111065 but same issue as my previous Beko, hence wondered if something wrong with plumbing or water.

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What is your water source? The water might have been altered if its community sourced.

I’m suspecting the water needs to be checked (calcium and magnesium levels and the acidity).

Hard water often needs softening in this case I’m thinking its getting too soft! Or your water is just too acidic.

Common Home Water Quality Problems, Solutions & Products

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