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Announced on October 16, 2014, the iPad Air 2 is a thinner successor to the iPad Air.

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iPad Air 2 Boot Loop / Restore not possible


i currently have a problem with my iPad Air 2 (WIFI).

I updated it recently and now it is stuck in a bootloop. Or at least it looks like one to me.

So here is my problem:

The iPad is charging but when I try to start the device the apple logo appears for 12-17 seconds and then just turns off - then it starts again.

This loop goes on until I turn it off or the battery is empty.

I can access the Restore and DFU mode. During those modes the iPad does not enter the boot loop. The loop only starts as soon as the apple logo appears for a few seconds.

I tried the following:

- Restore from ‘normal’ restore mode and DFU mode. That said, the restore process shows the apple logo with a progress bar below but then turns off again. There is no progress recognizable at the bar before the iPad restarst. Then iTunes tells me there was an error 4013 (first there was the error 9 but after I bought a new cable its now 4013).

- I tried 3uTools but it stopped after 20% and was stuck.

- I tried Reiboot but after confirming the firmware it tells me the system could not be repaired.

- I tried to download the IPSW separately but it still shows the same error in iTunes.

The iPad was never opened.

Is there anything I could try ?

Or is the iPad just broken?

Thanks for every help.


Here is the ending of the Restore Log:

[19:03:34.0366] Recovery mode device disconnected

[19:03:34.0366] Device removed when in state Restoring, moving device to transition state

[19:03:34.0366] Changing state from 'Restoring' to 'Transitioning'

[19:03:34.0366] Creating timer to monitor transition

[19:03:34.0366] Creating a timer for 10 minutes

[19:03:44.0163] Recovery mode device connected

[19:03:44.0163] Transitioning device returned, continuing restore.

[19:03:44.0163] Canceling timer

[19:03:44.0163] Changing state from 'Transitioning' to 'Restoring'

[19:03:44.0164] State Machine Dump, status:ERROR - [state:DFU remaining-cycles:0] -> [state:Recovery remaining-cycles:0] -> [state:RestoreOS remaining-cycles:1 (current state)]

[19:03:44.0164] Unexpected device state 'Recovery' expected 'RestoreOS'

[19:03:44.0164] Changing state from 'Restoring' to 'Error'

[19:03:44.0164] State is now set to error

[19:03:44.0164] Restore completed, status:4013

[19:03:44.0164] Failure Description:

[19:03:44.0164] Depth:0 Code:4013 Error:Unexpected device state 'Recovery' expected 'RestoreOS'

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What happened to the iPad prior to this issue? Was it dropped or came into contact with water?

On the surface, I would suspect the battery as this is now an “old” device. If the battery can’t supply the juice required, even if it is “fully” charged, then it will behave exactly as you see. If the battery is good, then there could be a logic board issue.

At this point, the device will have to be opened up and the battery needs to be properly tested.

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Thanks for your reply.

The iPad was never was dropped or in contact with water.

Can I test the battery by myself?

Thanks again.

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You would want to measure the voltage with a multimeter directly on the battery. It should be at least 3.7V. However that is not a definitive test as some batteries will show proper voltage (~4.2V) without a load but then drop to near zero as soon as there is a load. Still, it's a good start.

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