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Released April 2018. Identified by model number EML-L29.

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Sound from speakers, not from headphones

When i plug my headphones and start music, the sound come from speaker of the phone, i have an ipad, i plug my headphones in and work , and its not an apple headphones, i restart the phone and still dosen t work, what should i do?

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I would try following:

Any other wired headphones - if works, then problem with your headphones.

Any bluetooth speaker/headphones - if works, then problem with the audio socket, see guides how to clean it, maybe its just some dust from your pocket.

If neither works, then the problem is with the software, try wiping, resetting configurations.

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I wll try this thx

- de

Ok this worked for me. Power down phone wait 2 minutes and plug in earphones and then start the phone. It worked for me good luck

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P20 sound is working perfectly but only experiencing a problem when I receive an incoming call, I cant hear the person on the other side and must switch on the speaker and sometimes it is very unprofessional when everybody can hear what is being said. how do I fix that ?

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