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Repair guides and support for your Samsung TV.

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Backlight and sound working, no picture. Next step?

Was watching a movie and the screen went black. We have sound and can see the description of the channel using a flashlight. Should we be repairing a certain part or getting a new tv.

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If its a LCD tv then the backlight inverter needs replaced if it is a LED tv then you have a Bad led or LED’s and they need replaced You would have to take everything off the tv top get to the LED’s. It’s not that hard but it is really time consuming and a tv guy will charge you $200-$300. but if you do it you could buy the leds of ebay and led tester off ebay also might coast $50-$100. Or if you lived close i would do it for $50 :)

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@ballbeerfish "LCD then its the back light inverter. " is inaccurate. LCD TV's have either a CCFL backlight (requires a separate backlight inverter due to the high voltage requirement), or LED backlight which most commonly uses the power board for the inverter circuits. Since the technology is better, all LCD TVs now use LED lights There are no LED TV's. OLED is an exception but different technology altogether

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I had the same systems and this Samsung right in front of mme is working because I changed out the Backlight INVERTER.

CM40T_CHS:CMO 27-D070374 Backlight Inverter

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@ballbeerfish nobody says different. Your description and explanation of a LCD and LED TV is totally inaccurate.

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it is possible that this is a bad backlight. You can determine this by removing the back of your TV and disconnect the wire from the power board to the main board. Then turn your TV and check through the opening in the back of the LCD panel to see if your backlight turned on. If so you know the error is not your backlight array. You need to check the power board and the main board. Let us know the make and model of your TV so we can help you further with the repair.

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Let me add my problem also….thanks for a suggestion.

My Samsung LCD has a flickering backlight problem. If the backlight menu settings are actived, the bottom half or third of the backlights start to flicker (each second or so). The panel is fine. TV is opened and I can access the back side easily.

I need to know: can I check the backlight LED strips without fully removing the panel , so to pinpoint the issue to either the backlight LEDs, or the power supply ?

Replacing the power supply would be easy if I knew its the faulty piece….

Tearing down the full panel is more of a hassle…

Any advice ? Can the power wiring that goes to the LED strips be checked for correct voltages , are there any technical data sheet for a UE60F6370 around ?


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