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An Android-based HTC smartphone, first released in 2011. (Also known as the HTC Sensation 4G.)

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Remove scratches from Gorilla Glass?


Was wondering whether there would be any safe method to remove scratches made on the Sensation's Gorilla glass. These are hair line scratch with very little depth.

Would there be the possibility of having the Gorilla glass replaced?



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it's glass, so it should work like any other piece of glass.

here's an aritcle with steps on polishing glass using a similar phone

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Thanks for the article! Dont have a drill and am wondering whether rubbing the compound alone with a microfibre cloth would help.

Thanks for your suggestion!

Just wondering whether the replacement glasses available are actually Gorilla glass..


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it will work, but you will have easier and faster results if you can get access to a drill and a felt wheel.

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True, a buffing tool will assist in making the process more efficient. If you are looking for a specific buffing compound for your glass, these guys might have it.

TDI-LLC Technology - Glass, Acrylic, and Gorilla Glass Compounds

It looks like they might be onto something in the arena of removing scratches on touch screen panels with different kinds of materials such as gorilla glass.

A little late here but I hope this helps someone else that comes across this post in the future.

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