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Segunda generación de iPhone. Modelo A1241 / 8 o 16 GB de capacidad / plástico negro o blanco de nuevo. La reparación es más sencilla que el primer iPhone. Requiere destornilladores, curvas y herramientas de succión.

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The white tab on the connector 3 fell off

While I was reassembling the iphone after an LCD replacement, I was ready to close the white tab really gently, and suddenly

it fell off.

I didn't push it of anything.

Is it imortant?

I mean, the phone will work without the tab?

I put the iphone on charge but I hear only

the sound (from the phone) when you charge it, and the vibrator.

The screen is black.

What could it be?

(i was thinking to re-replace the old LCD

to check if the problem is the new screen, but its my veeeery last solution)

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If everything is still working perfect you are very lucky. Starting with the White Tab, it is the lock down lever on Connector #3 of the Logic Board. If you decide to examine it you may need a magnifying glass to see if it has damage, if not, if the old tab is also not damaged you can carefully replace the little tab. Or get a new tab from a new connector and carefully replace. If the connector is damaged and not functional you will need to have the Logic Board fixed by micro-soldering.

The black screen is fixed by Reset, hold at same time both Home and Power buttons for about 15 seconds until the iPhone restarts. If screen is fixed great. If not, then you will have to open iPhone and reseat LCD display Flex Cable #1 very carefully.

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Ok, my screen works great.

But the ear speaker and the sensor is dead.

I read about it on other Q&A but

I wanna ask: since the cable looks fine and as I said I treat it like a princess, I guess this little

stupid tab is very important.

Could it be something else?

The connector looks fine.


my 3g works fine without the tab... you could try sticking the flex down with double sided adhesive tape.


thank you pollytintop, that was my biggest question.

I will try it today.

Hope it will work :)


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I had the same problem - while replacing the wifi antenna I must have knocked the white tab on connector 3 - it was at a funny angle and when I tried to press it down to lock down the #3 ribbon cable (screen phone earphone and proximity sensor) it pinged off.

[Lots of four letter words in capital letters]

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

I spent ages looking for it and found it - it is approximately 0.5mm wide, 0.1mm thick and 5mm long.

The tab has 12 holes on it to fit on the 12 pins of the connector. When the tab is at 90 degrees the pins are level - when you push it down flat, it levers the pins up (on the other side of the connector the pins are levered down onto the ribbon cable making contacts and physically securing the ribbon).

This thing is absolutely tiny. Saw a youtube video of a repairing of these and he had a microscope. That is really the ideal kit. I went round the house looking for a magnifying glass - we didn't have one. I then tried my wife's pocket camera on macro mode - it just wasn't able to focus close enough to help. Found some binoculars but they had a min. focus distance of like 15 feet.

Eventually used my dslr and jury rigged a macro extension tube with a cardboard tube. This gave be something like 5-10 times lifesize and I could actually see the pins. My dslr is old, but a modern one you could have used "live view" and had real time images. I just took some photos just to see what I was dealing with at high magnification.

Block Image

I then used another telephoto lens reversed as a loupe (not connected to a camera - just the lens with both caps off as a sort of super-magnifying glass). Bear in mind this is just because this is the only lens I had available - microscopes/magnifying glasses would have been preferable. I didn't have any tripods or stands so I just proped things on a tray.

With all of these optics, the depth of field is miniscule - I gave up trying to change focus and just used fine changes in distance to focus on the bits I was interested in.

Light is very important - I was using a 3 cell maglite with an LED conversion. This is super directional and I had a nightmare trying to focus / position the lens while also trying to position the "spot" of the torch. I had a brainwave and unscrewed the refector end of the torch which then turned it into a very bright unidirectional lamp. Again - this is what I had to hand, a good angle-poise lamp would have been good.

I then tried putting the tab back on the pins using a pair of tweezers. This is pretty impossible with normal tweezers (I used the pair from a Swiss Army knife). Because one edge of the tab is chamfered (so you can get something under it to lift it in normal operation), it has a tendancy to "ping" off like a grape pip squeezed between your fingers. Finding something so small is a nightmare. I did this for about an hour.

I finally just placed it in front of the pins and just used a jewellers screwdriver to nudge it into position and slipped it onto the pins.

Block Image

Putting it back together is actually not that hard if you can see what you are doing. An industrial inspection microscope has built in lighting and would have been perfect for the job.

Unfortunately I couldn't take photos while I was actually getting it back on (holding lens / phone/ light / screwdriver took all the digits I possess) but it looks just the same as it did before and now snaps back and holds the ribbon securely. Phone earpiece and proximity sensor both work fine again.

Yay!! Replaced wifi antenna have wifi working without standing next to router and recovered from breaking the motherboard in the process!

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