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Released on February 2016, The Asus Chromebook C202 is a ruggedized device created with students in mind. It is a small laptop that can handle minor spills and drops.

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Screen blurry after restoring

I have Asus chromebook c202sa-ys02. I did all the trouble shooting by restoring Chrome OS via USB, removing battery & wifi chip but still cant get login screen.

1-      Inserted Chrome OS USB

2-      System recovery is in Progress…

3-      Pressed Ctrl+D

4-      Blur Screen

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Seems like graphic card is dying or it loses drivers for it.

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thanks for reply

but 1st,2nd & 3rd screenshots show no graphic card issue or may be you are right driver issue after restoring Chrome OS. might be emmc chip is corrupted.

please advice me? shall i buy mother board?

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That is definitely a software or firmware issue. These are practically the same thing on a chromebook. If you are trying to recover any content on the SSD you may be out of luck without some of the heroics outlined here:

If you read that carefully you will note that mrchromebox can probably solve your issue and maybe even preserve your SSD content in the process. You will have to discuss that process with him though. It won’t be free though I am sure. If you don’t care about ANY content in the SSD. Then by all means press space bar at step 3. You will of course need your google login/password to get your cloud content back working again. Good luck @kashifanwaar

The developer mode is kind of a double edged sword. Enabling it allows you more power and the opportunity to really do hurtful stuff to your chromebook. As shipped it is pretty hard to mess up a chromebook since you don’t really have privileges to damage much of the software/firmware that it comes with.

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Thank you,very brief reply. appreciated. I red it all on thing is very brief. but i think i need to buy those three CH341a USB, 1.8v adapter, SOIC-8 chip clip devices.

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