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Un portátil liviano premium de LG, con una pantalla IPS de 15.6" y cuerpo de aleación de magnesio. Mide 0.7" de grosor y 2.2 lbs de peso.

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LVDS Extension Cable (40 pin connector)

I am trying to find an extension cable for the lvds(40 Pin Connector). I have a screen that works for the laptop but the connector is too short. Any places to find a short extension cable?

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Since most electronics stores that would have niche devices like the LVDS Extension Cable (like Tiger Direct, H. H. Gregg, CompUSA, and Circuit City) are now defunct, you may have to search online. Ebay and NewEgg are sites that may have the extention cable you are looking for.

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I've been searching for a few days and can't find anything, Do you see anything that will work?

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You are right, all my searches are coming up dry, as well. Is there a serial number or other identifier on the cable itself? Perhaps a search of the manufacturer's website for the cable can yield a result of a longer cable you can use.

Also, checking the motherboard's manual for the LVDS cable that the manufacturer recommends can help narrow down your search.

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I have the same problem. I found this company that makes a converter so that you can make it an external usb connected monitor. I am considering this as an option.

The only other alternative was on alibaba or aliexpress. It is difficult to determine if the cables some of the sellers have will be an exact match though.

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