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What are the differences between the screens?

Hi guys :D

I’m going to buy a new screen for my iPhone 7 Plus, but on the iFixit Store has two screens and I don’t know the differences.

Screen 1: iPhone 7 Plus Screen

Screen 2: iPhone 7 Plus LCD and Digitizer

I wanna know which is the easyest way to replace my screen? Which is better?

Could you help me, please?

Thanks guys

Imagen iPhone 7 Plus LCD and Digitizer


iPhone 7 Plus LCD and Digitizer


Imagen iPhone 7 Plus Screen


iPhone 7 Plus Screen


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The one marked just “Screen” comes as a “Part Only” or a “Fix Kit”. The “Part Only” includes (in addition to the screen) a pre-installed earpiece, bracket, front camera/flex cable assembly, and LCD backplate, which means the only thing you need to move over from your current screen is the home button. The “Fix Kit” includes all of that plus the tools you’d need to do the repair.

The one marked “LCD and Digitizer” is just the screen. You will need to move the earpiece, bracket, front camera/flex cable assembly and LCD backplate over from your current screen, in addition to your home button. It does not include any tools.

The easiest way is the “Screen” option but that might mean buying things you don’t need, and really it only removes about 5-10 minutes from the repair process if you’ve never done it before. If you already have the tools then you’re just paying for tools you don’t need. If your existing earpiece, flex cable, etc are good then you’re paying for parts that you don’t need.

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But why "Screen" with the repair kit is cheaper than LCD and Digitizer? From what you told me, the "Screen" is more complete than the "LCD and Digitizer"...


I didn't notice that before. Two possibilities: Either (a) the LCD panel/digitizer/frame assembly in "LCD and Digitizer" is of better quality than the one in "Screen", or (b) iFixit made a mistake in their pricing. $75 is the going rate for a VERY high quality (OEM or better) screen, although you can get decent screens as low as around $25 with minimal effort. I would guess that option (a) is the correct one but that's ENTIRELY a guess. Might want to contact iFixit for a definitive answer.


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