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El MSI GE62 6QF Apache Pro se puede identificar por su número de modelo: MS-16J4. Es un portátil para juegos de alta gama que se lanzó en febrero de 2015.

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How do I replace my keyboard

how can i replace my keyboard. replacing the keyboard and the steps that i should follow in replacing the keyboard

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There is a guide posted here on ifixit for the GE72 6QF (note it’s the 72 6QF) that would likely be very helpful; the exact steps may be the same -or close ; I have no personal experience with either model so can’t say for certain.

It might be worth it for you to attempt the disassembly using the guide; If you note major differences you could try to infer the next steps, or back out and look for a more exact guide if you don’t feel comfortable proceeding. If you do see differences and work through them successfully you could post your own guide.

MSI GE72 6QF Apache Pro Keyboard Replacement by with contributions from

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