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The Durango was marketed as a sturdy truck-based SUV designed to hold up to seven passengers and tow up to 7,500 lb (3,400 kg) when properly equipped.

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How do I go about r and r ing a bad freeze plug?

My sons 1998 Dodge Durango had a cracked radiator. We have replaced the radiator and started refilling the system and there she blows, a steady stream of fluid coming from the front most freeze plug on the passenger side of the block. Is there an easy way to remove one of these? I remember wrestling with one years ago and I seem to remember it being a pain in the a__!

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Drill a pilot hold get a slide hammer thread in a course stud grab it with the sh chuck and give it a few wacks if that doesn't do it hit it on the lip and wack it in turning the plug sideways in the hole yank with vise

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I use a screwdriver that I can hit with a hammer, and drive a hole in the middle, they pry it out.

Make sure you use a little RTV when you re-install it.

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