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The XV-21 is a self operating ,robot, vacuum produced by Neato Robotics specifically for pet hair and dander.

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LCD Display Not Working

My XV-21 display lights up but there is no display. I know you can replace it but does anyone now how?

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My lcd menu is empty. Light is flashing amber

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Unfortunately I have had this same problem twice on my Neato XV (two years apart). Both times the problem was a broken LCD display card, replacing the card fixed the problem. I was able to buy a used Neato XV LCD display card on eBay for about $40. Amazon may have them too.

Follow the Neato XV-21 repair guide on ‘Motherboard Repair’ (thank you Nastassja Klipsch!!) Until you get the two halves of the robot apart. There are a ton of screws, so if I have to do this again I will take better care to write down where they all came from (I started to forget).

You don’t need to remove the Lidar unit, so stop at that point in the guide. The LCD display card is screwed into the top shell of the robot. Once you get the robot apart it is pretty easy to disconnect the cable connector and replace the display.

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