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Meet the compact and powerful MX Anywhere 2S, the mouse that gives you superpowers. MX Anywhere 2S works wherever you do – coffee shops, airplane seats, hotel rooms and off-site meetings – and works seamlessly across three computers including navigating and copy-pasting between them.

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My wheel has stopped scrolling and appears to be off centre

My wheel is not scrolling, it does not roll freely, although turns when touched, but has to be pushed through. It also does not scroll the page even if I rotate it

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Replace the scroll wheel. The legs connecting to the rotation sensor may be broken.

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It sounds like something has either jammed inside next to the wheel, or the wheel had popped out of its centre mount on one side, that could explain the being off centre also.

You might be able to fix it.

You need to remove the four pads underneath to expose 4 screws,

Block Image

remove the screws, then you can lift the top off the mouse, you’ll now be able to see what the problem is with the wheel.

If it has just popped out of one side you can probably pop it back in by pulling the mount on that side away from it and pushing the wheel back to let the centre piece click back in.

If there is dirt in the wheel then that may be harder to fix, as the wheel has several spokes which flicker past the sensor.. if the spokes are clogged or blocked (light isn’t able to pass through the gaps between) then there would be no response.. (same if mis aligned). You could try using a cotton bud with some alcohol to remove the dirt. Mine had some dust and fluff etc in the bottom of it..

To fix this I partially unmounted the wheel by pulling the centre mount away from the wheel and lifting the wheel.

Block Image

There is a piece of metal that keeps the wheel in place, I didn’t touch that. Lifting it partially I was able to get in underneath where the dirt was and clean it with some isopropyl alcohol on a cotton bud.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

I then had a fully working mouse again.

Good Luck!

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