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The Asus Q304UA is a 13.3-inch convertible laptop. Released in 2016. Model number: ASUS Q304UA 2-in-1.

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Why is my touchpad so sensitive?

For the past year or so, my touchpad has seemed almost possessed if I’m not using it on a flat surface. For example, if my computer is on my lap and I try to use the touchpad, the cursor may move on its own, switch between programs/windows or involuntarily minimize/grow/shrink a window. I mostly want to use my laptop ON MY LAP and it’s maddening that it’s become nearly impossible to do that.

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Hi Katherine Scalaro

I agree that on some laptops I worked with, it seems there is a "touchpad / trackpad disease" auto scroll or etc.

Some workaround I do for my friends, etc…

Consider updating your computer BIOS too.

1. Update the trackpad drivers and monitor if it helps.

2.Disable trackpad / touchpad if using mouse.

3. Replacing the module, (can be very difficult) some are glued securely to the laptop frame. (IMO I will just live with it and just disable the trackpad as on No 2., using mouse)

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