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El M331 Silent Plus es un ratón (mouse) inalámbrico lanzado por Logitech en noviembre de 2016. El mouse se conecta a través de un receptor USB y funciona con una sola batería AA.

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How do you open the mouse

Like the questions says.. My scroll wheel has come loose

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Try following this guide to open up your mouse.

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Tks! M280 is same model.

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Thanks.. a very useful guide..

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Thanks for the guide, been looking for some time, and finally found it. Will try out the steps over the weekend.

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Is it possible to remove the scrolling wheel spring? It's so noisy and beat the "silent plus" branding. I did this to all my previous logitech mice but seeing the photos above, it seems that there's no "metal" spring but a black plastic spring instead. Can you confirm? Thanks!

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Thanks man

my left click now worked again, just clean it use contact cleaner.

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in the answer provided by @arthurshi , I want to add three points:

In the picture, 4 notches were already highlighted with blue circles, but these 4 do not get locked. There are 3 more notches, in green, which gets locked when mouse is closed.

Block Image

1) There is a hole provided to insert a pin/screw driver, in green down arrow, & gently press the lever to the left, 1st yellow direction.

With this the lower portion of mouse will get detached.

2) then, we have to genlty slide the lower case to forward, 2nd yellow direction. For some reason this direction was wrongly mentioned in original answer.

3) Reverse process should be followed to lock the top two notches while assembling the mouse.

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Thanks for the guide bro, been looking for some time, and finally found it..

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ecd, thanks for the addendum instructions

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