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Introducido a finales de 1986, la unidad Apple 3.5 era una unidad de disquete externa de doble densidad de 800K que podía usarse en la mayoría de las plataformas Apple Computer de la época.

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Removing stuck yellow disk - Solved

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Trying to repair 800k external drive, but yellow disk stuck in mechanism and stopping me from removal of sliding trays. Need suggestions to move so I can continue to finish the tear down.

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The eject mechanism will not move the disk. See the picture of the drive with partial tear down. The yellow disk just won’t move.

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Ok problem solved. After a few more shots of penetrating PB the slide mechanism finally broke loose after 30 years of inactivity.

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This model does not have a tray that ejects (slides out). It just sucks the disk in. To eject an inserted disk, press the eject button to the right of the slot. You can also try holding down the mouse button during start up of the Mac it’s attached to.

Apple 3.5 Drive External Floppy Drive Teardown

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