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The Fenix 3 HR is a multisport GPS training watch made by Garmin.

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My Fenix 3HR keeps freezing during activities - HELP

I’ve had my Garmin Fenix 3HR for a few years now and use it for trail running. It has always froze up from time to time. It can be a run of 2 hours or 20 hours but it happens every so often. During the activity it freezes on one of the screens as it scrolls through automatically. It will do this if I have it locked or unlocked. When it freezes the watch does not continue to record. If I hold the light button for a bit it will finally power off and then will power back on but takes a bit (it hangs out on the Garmin logo screen). When it does come back on I can resume the activity but it loses everything between the freeze and when I resume. If it take 20-30 minutes it may miss 2 or more miles. Once uploaded it draws a straight line showing it skipped that portion and obviously my mileage, pace, elevation, etc are all inaccurate due to the issue. I have done hard and soft resets. I plug into the computer and ensure I’m up to date and every so often I delete my history from the watch itself. The watch is in fine condition but I am just fed up with the issue. Before I give it and get a new watch I was hoping someone could help me trouble shoot the issue.


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Do you use any custom watch face? There are many watch faces that are eating too much resources, that can cause the watch to freeze. I’ve had similar issues. When I switched back to default watch face, all were gone and everything is working smooth.

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