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How to Replace the PCV Diaphragm on a Volvo V50 2006?

Hi all of body !!

I have a problem on my car Volvo v50 flexfuel 1,8 2006 . The engine oil disappearte on my car and i thing PCV Diaphragm is damaged. I am try to find it but i cant. Please someone help me.

PS, The ingine is the same foe ford fouces flexfuel 1,8 ( 2006 )

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PCV valves are usually really simple across all vehicles. They just pop out usually from the valve cover and detach from the pcv hose, and just pop another one in. Do not forget to take a bit of engine oil and lube the pcv o-ring before trying to reseat the new one or you will damage the o-ring.

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Thanks Chris Storer . But i can not find the valve cover in my car :(

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