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La única version con Wi-Fi del Apple iPad 6, lanzada en marzo de 2018. Disponible con 32 y 128 GB de almacenamiento. Dispone de una pantalla Retina de 9.7 pulgadas y de un chip de fusión de 64 bits A10.

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Busted LCD after screen repair

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Ok what’s with this?!? (Look at the picture) I am super duper gentle and super patient when it comes to replacing the screen on an iPad! What takes 30min for some it takes an hour and a half for me because I’m that careful.. Which is why I’m scratching my head over here! I replaced the broken screen on this iPad 5th gen and once I was about to put everything together I did the routine check and the screen was damaged!!! How the heck is this possible??? I turned off the device and detached the lcd and reattached it again (I thought maybe I placed it in wrong?!?!) but still the problem was there… This is an LCD issue right??? RIGHT?!?! I mean I know the answer but I need some reassurance for some peace of mind here! I’m still scratching my head on how this even happened?!?! How did this happen?!?! Anyone???

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It rely looks like an LCD problem. I would feel confident enough to return it and say that its broken. Buy a new screen and see if it works then you know if it was an LCD problem. If the new screen doesn’t work then its probably the logic bored.

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