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Apple AirPods son auriculares inalámbricos lanzados en diciembre de 2016.

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Why air pods volume so low

My air pods sound is like really really low I wanted to see if you could fix the volume for me

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Try un-pairing and reconnecting them first.

If that doesn’t work right away, you can try these steps:

  1. Play music with your AirPods connected and turn the volume to 0.
  2. Disconnect the AirPods in Bluetooth settings (but don’t unpair them, and leave them in your ears)
  3. Start playing music from your phone’s speakers and turn the volume down to 0.
  4. Reconnect your AirPods, and you should be able to turn the volume up to normal volumes!

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Ear wax builds up on grills. I took a q-tip moistened with rubbing alcohol and cleaned the grills. It took several Q-tips. Sound was back to normal after cleaning.

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try cleaning with a Q-tip and remove all air wax.

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