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Home button not working

Alright guys I’m about to just quick repairing screens on an iPhone 8+!!!! Today I did another and I know that for some reason the home button (touch id) does not work after repairing the screen.. Even if the button is the original from the phone… Ive read that maybe it’s cuz the “new” screen has a “bad” Touch ID connection. So I thought fine let me get a new one and by new I meant and “ORIGINAL” iPhone screen from a brand new phone to test that theory…. Replaced it and NOTHING. So can someone explain to me what in the big green world is going on??? I read somewhere that APPLE and ONLY APPLE has the rights to the Touch ID, which means that even if we try to replace it we may run into this problem since we disconnected it from it’s original screen. I need some answers!! As for now no more trying to repair the screens on these models. If anyone has any idea as to why this is let me know.

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It’s because you are prying the home button flex off the screen and damaging it. There is a chip right smack in the middle of the home button called your u10 chip (look it up on google) that is being damaged when you are transferring . That’s is why the button doesn’t work anymore . You can have a board level repair technician replace the chip or you can purchase a third pardty aftermarket home button return kit on eBay . As soon as you break the home button flex, it’s non repairable and apple would replace the entire phone…

With a successful repair, the home button will continue to work normally. Either the home button is damaged or the FPC connector is

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I pulled the screen off of an iPhone 8 to replace the earpiece speaker and after reassembling with the original screen the Touch ID doesn’t work properly. Any ideas what could have caused it and how to fix it?

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