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The LG 60LM6450 is a 60-inch LED television released in 2012. It supports 3D video with glasses at a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels.

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Why is there no step by step?

I was looking on this site and I am noticing that there are items on here that do not step step guides? All I see is create a guide? If i don’t know how to fix something (this tv for example) and there’s no help guide? What am I supposed to do? I’m totally just wondering by the way

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Unfortunately us technicians and other active members don’t have time to record teardowns of every device and also it’s not possible. The process of recording every single device would consume a lot of our time when we have other things to do such as running a electronic repair shop or other matters in our lives.

im sure you could make a request, but I’d suggest you take a look at other teardowns of TVs and compare to your TV model. Most of them are the same by removing several screws on the back panel and removing the panel to access the Main Boards, and t con boards, etc

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Oh ok I understand! lol I was just like what the heck? Lol // so can we ask around here for something that we don’t see or would you recommend getting information elsewhere?

- de

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