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TI-84 Plus calculator support.

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My screen is hard to see when looking straight at it

If I am in a lit room I can’t read my screen when looking straight at it. I have to look at it from an angle. It looks like there is a dark circle covering the screen but it’s not there when the screen is off

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2 Respuestas

There could possibly be a problem with the LCD in the device, depending on use and time that you’ve used it, or possibly just the battery needs to be replaced which could very well be causing the problem.

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Adding onto what TheYootx Media Group said, another possible issue is the contrast was turned down too far. You can easily fix this by (make sure the calculator is turned on) repeatedly pressing [2nd] then the up arrow until you can see the display again. If this doesn’t work then it’s either a battery issue or a display issue. If there’s a display issue, then this article may help you repair it.

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