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Why does my scroll wheel now work when hooked up to a certain computer

When I connect my Logitech M317C mouse to my iMac Late 2013 27’, the scroll wheel doesn’t work, but when hooked up to my MacBook Air 2017 13’ or my HP Pavilion DV7, the scroll wheel works.

Note: The mouse was paired to a Unifying Receiver after I had lost the original receiver using the computer with the problem.

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Maybe it’s because the other MacBook is newer.

check your Bluetooth or go to their website.

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It's not bluetooth, it's just wireless via a receiver.

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Logitech brings a toolbox. download the proper toolbox and "unpair all device from unifier" then pair it again.

another troubleshoot is to reinstall official drivers from logitech page

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I assume that it has a usb.

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Yes, it uses a unifying receiver that came with my K830 TV.

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yes I just realized that

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