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Lanzada en USA y Europa el 28 de Julio de 2017, la Nintendo 2DS XL es una consola portátil de la familia de la 3DS XL.

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It froze up in middle of play and now won't power on.

I was a middle of Mario Brothers game making a jump. System froze up making a noise and vibrating and would not stop. Somehow got it to power off. Now power button just blinks red and wont power on. Just now updating this message. Now the power light is blue, but nothing on the screens. Never had a problem with charging this before always hold a charge. Brand new from Christmas not sure what's going on. Didn't buy the warranty from Wal-Mart when purchased. Anybody have some great knowledge for me? Thank you.

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I don’t have much practice repairing DS’, but it could be due to a bad battery or a problem internally (i.e. loose cable, motherboard damage, etc.)

Reference the teardown and see if you see anything out of the ordinary. Otherwise, try replacing the battery

If this helps, let me know!


Nintendo 2DS XL Teardown

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