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RAM does not run in Dual Channel.

I have a i7 7700k, Asus Z270E and 2 sticks of Corsair LPX 8GB DDR4 2400mhz. I cannot run them in any configuration other than slots B1,B2.

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Hey, I just realized you're the same guy who posted about the USB issues. You almost certainly have a motherboard issue, it sounds like it's gradually going out, you'll probably lose more functions as time goes on. I'd recommend looking into another motherboard, or contacting Asus's warranty department.

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So should I just RMA the board? I read that it all my problems are due to a bent CPU pin?

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This sounds like a slot issue. Try taking the sticks out and blowing out the slots, then verifying you have the correct configuration your motherboard manual says. Beyond that, resetting your UEFI may help. Hope that helps!

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Hey I've tried these two steps before. There's no difference :(. I've read online that it could be a bent CPU pin but I'm not sure on how to fix it. Thanks for trying :)

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This is my mobo:

This is my RAM:

Works fine in slot 1-2 (Single channel) and 3-4 (Single channel), but whenever I try 1-3 or 2-4 (Dual channel), my computer won't start.

Both my RAM and mobo are capable of dual channel.

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