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Released in 2014, the Lenovo C560 is an all-in-one computer with a 23-inch screen and optional touchscreen support.

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Computer Wont Boot Up

I have a Lenovo c560 all in one and recently I had been running into some trouble regarding its booting. Sometimes it will boot, and sometimes it wouldn’t. Eventually it stopped booting completely and would just be a black screen with a feint clicking sound so I decided to do some research, and saw online that changing the hard drive cable would work so I tried this and it worked initially but then wouldn’t work again. Can someone please help as I need for work. Thank You

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I dont know how to use the usb if the pc wont load. Is there a key I press on startup because nothing shows on the screen at all at any point

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Press F2/10/12 ESC or DEL imediately after you turn on the pc. It's either of those which will get you in the BIOS or bootmenu.

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If the computer won’t boot and there is a faint clicking sound, then your HDD hard drive may be failing. HDD hard drives make a clicking sound when they are about to permanently stop working. You may have to get a new hard drive soon.

If there is data on your hard drive that needs to be saved, please save it immediately. If you cannot salvage the data, perhaps a technician can do it for you.

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Might be your HDD dying.

  • Try resetting the BIOS to default settings and see if that works.
  • Get a Windows 10 installation usb stick and run startup repair
  • Install Windows on a fresh HDD and see if it boots from it

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