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La tan esperada actualización de la popular MacBook Air, con procesadores Intel Core i5, una pantalla Retina actualizada y muchos otros cambios y actualizaciones. Lanzado el 7 de noviembre de 2018.

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Diagnosing SMC issue on liquid damaged A1932

Rather unfortunately, I have spilled some coffee over a A1932 Macbook Air.

Issues which I am currently experiencing are:

From what I gather, the full-on fan points to a possible issue with a temperature sensor somewhere. The most obvious guess is the battery, but in fact Mac Fan Control does report reasonable (?) battery temp sensor values:

Block Image

Mac Fan Control

Are all temperatures it reports.

So my question is how would I diagnose the SMC issue? Could it be caused by the battery alone (i.e. could replacing it be enough)? How would I go about checking if there are some malfunctioning temp sensors? Use some more powerful software? Maybe someone with this device could share there Mac Fan Control output.

Anyone with acess to a A1932 willing to help out?

Or perhaps output of istats scan:

Block Image

iStats scan

I wonder if the couple -128°C values are expected (i.e. sensors are not present in my model) or actually indicate the problem. Does anyone know what the Ts1S is? Or where the TB0T (Battery TS_MAX) could be physically located?

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Mac Fan Control doesn't really show correct thermals which is one reason I don't use it. Here is a better product: TG Pro

While your examples of other questions may appear to be similar each system series has its own conditions. If you searched under MacBook Air and maybe focused on the 2018 models you might have something useful. Sadly we just don't have that many people with spillage with the newer MacBook Air's.

- de

The examples were specifically for the SMC issue which (presumably) causes max fan / cpu throttle in case of a faulty temp sensor.

I realize I may well be one of the first people on the planet to damage a 2018 Air this way :) But if anyone with this device could run istats for me, that should be of help as well.

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Hello Anton

I have a similar problem with my water damaged A1932. At the moment I cannot boot into a operating system, internet recovery freezes. Apple hardware diagnostics shows SMC Error PFM006 like on your machine. My fan is spinning at max speed. The battery looks damaged by eye. I recently checked all temperature sensors on the mainboard and the trackpad by sniffing the corresponding I2C bus. They all are between 20 and 30°C, so I assume there must be a damaged temperature sensor at the battery. I probably try to sniff this I2C bus too.

- de

Hi there! I’m in the same situation with coffee damage and the same things happens to my macbook. I tried a lot of things and i’m thinking about trying with a new battery cause I saw a lot of people that said that without the battery plugged in the cpu can’t work fine. The only thing I can’t try is an smc reset cause the power button isn’t working, but I saw something about power on pads and I’d like to try resetting the smc with it. I’m not sure if it’s the little button near the battery connector and if it could work..

- de

Hi, there, I did a stupid thing, and to degrease my

A1392 screen, I put it under tap water (caring to avoid keyboard), assuming it should be at least water-resistant. Looks like water made its way inside the screen, and now, despite still being able to use, I have some flashing bands and blurry overall. Do I have any chance of natural drying/recovering or is it doomed for good?

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Sadly, your MacBook Air is so new many of us haven’t seen that many systems outside of warranty.

There is not much you can do if the logic board is damaged if that is the sensor/s thats firing off. Often times thats a sign of corrosion or component damage.

More often I find the keyboard and trackpads get the worse of it with liquid spills. That would require replacing the uppercase (keyboard) and the trackpad.

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My spill was actually from the back on a closed laptop, via the air vents. In general this seems worse, but the trackpad/keyboard are probably fine.

As said, my goal is to locate which sensors specifically are malfunctioning. More specifically, I want to know if it is only the battery controller chip or something on the motherboard as well.

I would take it to an authorized service straight away, but there is like an 80% chance they will suggest replacing both the battery and mobo without looking at it too hard.

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@amk43 - See what TG Pro tells you.

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I have tried the trial version, it does not report any sensors beyond Mac Fan Control (so just a few). Do you know if that would change if I buy the full version?

Do you think TG Pro is capable of reporting sensor information beyond iStats? The latter does look exhaustive.

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It offers diagnostics with the full version

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TG Pro diagnostics says "permanent battery failure (open thermistor)" and also that a thermal sensor "Unknown Name" might not be working properly. So this reinforces previous suspicions but doesn't really help figuring out where the problematic sensor is located and whether the mainboard is fine.

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Did you find a solution for this? I have the same problem A1932 water damage, no battery recognition ,100% fan spin + question mark folder. AHT says PPT007 and PFM006.

Unfortunately there are no schematics available yet

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Yes Anton's problem was ID'ed using TG Pro as being a bad sensor within the battery. Anton was lucky!

In your case you clearly have a very damaged system! Between all of the symptoms you've described the cost of fixing may exceed the value of the system.

Apple has designed this series as a assembly only repair at this time. While some minor repairs to the logic board might be possible but without the needed schematics and board views its just not possible and Apple used quite a few custom chip as well which just can't be gotten directly (salvage from a parts system only) And lastly, your flash storage may not be recoverable if that was your concern.

- de

I was able to confirm that the battery cells were fine and generating current but there was no current output on the battery controller chip.

I am pretty sure I could have gotten the chip restored but I ended up replacing the battery at an official repair shop which did the trick and was not particularly pricey.

Your case does look different, but you could start by trying a battery replacement as well.

- de

I would like to add that all three missing sensor readings reported by istats were fixed (and distinct) after the repair.

As anticipated, after running diagnostics Apple engineers said they could not be certain whether only the battery was damaged or the mainboard as well.

Also, my personal opinion is that TG Pro was less informative than available free software.

- de

@amk43 - iStats did not identify where the sensor was located, TG Pro diagnostics told you in plan english. Getting the Apple sensor identifer often doesn't tell you where in the system the sensor is or what its tasked with. Somebody had to translate the ID to something we can understand. As we don't have the schematics we have to work with what we can get.

- de

@danj One of the 3 sensors shown by istats as problematic has the word "battery" in its displayed name. Another sensor was identified as unknown by both istats and tg pro. The third sensor was not mentioned by tg pro at all.

- de

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You guys should try to restore the BridgeOS with apple configurator 2 with another mac/macbook with T2 chip. It should work now.

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