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Cellular version of Apple's 2nd generation iPad Air. Model A1567.

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Grey Screen - The grey bars Look exactly like the smartvover

My iPad has those grey bars i can‘t See anything on the screen. Touch seems Not to respond. Any help would ne amazing. Or has anybody else encountered that Problem ?

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Here‘s a picture


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Did anything happen to the device in the days and weeks leading up to this issue, such as a drop, a repair attempt or contact with water?

With little information I have, it certainly looks like a damaged/defective screen. Replacement screens for the Air 2 are quite expensive so replacing it yourself means you have to pay the money up front to to see if it’s truly a screen issue.

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I actually have no idea. Ist has been laying Around the last year and i just Wanze sto Start ist up again. But still, thank you very much.

So this means there is no Other way other than to replace the screen. I tried to reset it via iTunes, but it didnt do anything.


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