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NOKIA Model 3100b, Type: RH-50.

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Why does Nokia 3100b automatically shift to silent mode?

I have my phone set to the Loud profile, but whenever I receive an incoming call it automatically shifts to Silent mode and only vibrates but doesn't ring.

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I had this happen with one of my older phones. Is it possible that it is only when a certain person or certain group of people calls? I couldn't figure out why this was happening with my old Nokia, then I realized that it only happened when I was receiving calls from all of the people in a certain group on the phone. I went into the group settings and noticed that that group was set to only vibrate when I got a call. I changed this and everything went back to normal. I hope this helps!

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No joy. I have browsed through every menu option I can find, and have tried the Normal, Loud, and Quiet profiles. They all do the same thing; the instant it detects an incoming call it shifts to Silent and just vibrates.

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That's strange. I can't imagine that a hardware problem would cause it. It sounds like something in one of the settings, but if not, it's possible that the motherboard could be malfunctioning. Here's a set of guides that will help you get inside and check it out.

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For the Nokia 3100 variants, problem with phone vibrating but not ringing, possibly with 'Silence' appearing in the RHS side of the window.

I've torn out most of what little hair I have left trying to cure this, but I've struck lucky on the web and the answer is ridiculously simple. Just unlock the keyboard and hold down the # key for a few seconds!

Doing the same thing again will put the phone back into vibrate only mode. If this is in the phone manuals I can't find it, but it works.

I figured out that I'd caused the problem when setting up an answerphone message, when I must have kept my finger on the # key a bit too long in one of the responses. But because I didn't know exactly when the phone stopped ringing I've only been able to associate the two things retrospectively.

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