Will not go into pairing mode even after reset. Solid white light.

Ok ive seen tons of my beats wont pair..blah blah ..go reset blah blah.. well ive followed almost every thing that pertains to me and even some that do not.. Ok now with that out of the way here goes..

I can reset fine..ive done 2 methods to achieve reset.. I get the whote lights and red ..blink 3 time bam done.. hold blue to button and nothing happens.. does not matter how long i hold the b button ..light stays solid white.. ok now ive held the volume down button and power button for 2 minutes and it resets but doesnt forget device.. light stays solid white..

ive been all over the web and no one can awnser this.. why it wont pair.. ever piece of advice reverts back to oh reset and you will be fine.. well in this case it thr isnt taking r working..

advice?” I thought about removing the battery and then holding power..kinda like draining the juice on a laptop..

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