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Tablet PC de alto rendimiento de segunda generación lanzada por Apple en junio de 2017. Modelo A1670.

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Black screen after repair

I replaced my screen following the online video. The new screen is staying black. Tried restarting and a hard boot but it is still black. I can hear the tone when I plug the charger in. I have the screen which came with a daughter board and home button but replaced the home button with the original.

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It’s very important to always disconnect the battery before disconnecting/reconnecting the screen assembly. The issue is that the LCD connector has pins that have high voltages (i.e. the backlight is ~20V) and ground in very close proximity. When you fumble around trying to line up the connector plug to the receptacle, you can short out the voltage rail and cause damage to the components in the backlight circuit. If you’re lucky, then only a backlight filter is damaged but other times, the entire circuit could be affected. Either way, this type of repair requires micro-soldering and isn’t really a DIY repair.

To test for this, plug your device into a charger or an iTunes enabled computer. Then shine a bright flashlight on the screen. If you can see a dim image, then the backlight circuit has been damaged. If you can’t see an image at all, then it may be the LCD circuit that is damaged.

You can connect the original, cracked screen to confirm this. If the original screen has the backlight on, then the replacement screen has an issue. If the original screen also doesn't show the backlight, then the backlight circuit is blown.

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Thanks for that! I will try the iTunes test. I was extremely careful, especially with the battery. I have fixed quite a few iPads but this was my first Pro and took my time and followed the instructions to the letter. I am hoping it is just a problem with the screen. Thanks again!

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