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Lanzado en julio de 2018, el MacBook Pro de 15", modelo A1990, presenta una pantalla de retroiluminación LED de 15.4 pulgadas con tecnología True Tone, TouchID y hasta 6 procesadores Core i9.

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Is it possible to change the keyboard layout by moving the keys myself

Hi all, I want to buy a Macbook soon and I found out it’s much cheaper for me to buy it from Germany. The problem is they use a QWERTZ keyboard layout there and I’m used to QWERTY.

I was wondering if it’s possible to change the keyboard layout from QWERTZ to QWERTY myself, I only have to move the Z and the Y keys. And if I’m correct I can just change the layout in the Macbook’s settings? This small operation would save me €200, so I guess it’s worth a try. Or is there a high risk of breaking stuff? I’m pretty handy with these kind of things, also doing motherboard repairs and stuff so that shouldn’t be a problem.

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Sadly the newer Touch Bar & Fn models don’t really have removable keycaps. Check these two IFIXIT vids:

The new Butterfly keyboards are so fragile you end up needing to replace them and even then you may end up still damaging the replacement! So it needs to be replaced still again.

The best option is to get a keyboard skin Kuzy Keyboard Skins for MacBook Pro Touch Bar & Fn systems, then alter the keyboard control panel input source to the other layout.

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Thanks! Then I'm better off just not trying to remove the keys I guess, too big of a risk. Do you have any experience with the keyboard covers? Does it have a very different feel then the keyboard without cover?

- de

They do effect the feel, frankly I think its better!

I don't like the butterfly keyboards between the lack of cushion (travel) and the noise.

I'll stick with the older 2015 retina or older built-in keyboard or use an external keyboard.

The people I send to these skins seem to like them, if not for the key alignment to stop the damage of dust or debris getting under across all of them.

- de

So actually its quite easy to remove them, done it many times, you use the ifixit pick tool, insert gently umder the key, don't pry up, just slide it under, it will pop out of place. than what you can do is slide the key in a downward motion toward the trackpad. and press down, it works everytime for me.. Note don't do the space bar

- de

@ifixiphone - The butterfly keys are not easy without damaging them. Besides what are you replacing them with? It's easier and less risk of damage as well as being cheaper just to use a skin overlay.

- de

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I don’t know pretty much about mac , but when I used my older laptop which also had a QWERTZ layout which had Windows , I used a standalone software which changed the settings for my keybinds. Maybe there is such software for Mac as well.

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I know it is possible to just change the keyboard layout in the MacOS settings, but I want to know if it's doable to take off the keys and put them back on each others place.

- de

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Hoi Roan, Ik heb dus precies het zelfde. Ik wilde ook een mbp met duitse layout maar ik twijfel heel erg.

wat heb je uiteindelijk gedaan?

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Ik heb uiteindelijk gekozen voor een 2e hands model met een US layout toetsenbord. Bevalt tot nu toe prima. Maar als ik jou was zou ik voor de 2020 MacBook Pro gaan, heeft flink wat verbeteringen voor een prima prijs.

Ik weet bij het 2020 model ook niet of daar de toetsen wel makkelijk los te halen zijn. Je kan in ieder geval in de instellingen op de MacBook wel gewoon de layout veranderen, wat in eerste instantie mijn vraag was. Dus in dat opzicht zou het geen probleem zijn behalve dat er dan 2 toetsen niet kloppen.

- de

@Roan de Graaf Bedankt voor de reactie! Als ik de reviews kijk idd 2020 is beter qua prestatie , keyboard etc . De laptop die ik wil kopen is de instap model 2019 met qwertz is paar maanden oud. De gene vraagt 900 euro.

Is het waard denk je? of beter wachten voor 2e hands 2020 model met US layout.

- de

Hi Roan,

I know this is old but maybe this can still help someone. :)

I bought a MacBook with QWERTY and converted it to QWERTZ. It is actually not that hard as there is loads of tutorials out there. I got replacement keys from They look exactly like the originals and the replacing needed me only a couple of minutes.

Definitely worth it if you ask me as I always had Problems finding the special characters without the change.

Cheers guys✌🏻

- de

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