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Una consola de videojuegos producida por Sony Computer Entertainment, anunciada por primera vez el 20 de febrero, en 2013 y lanzada el 15 de noviembre en 2013.

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My ps4 only beeps one with blue light

i bought my ps4 in dubai. whenever i go for vacation to kerala, india, i use to take my ps4 with me. whenever i plug it the first time it works. when i turn it on the next time it only gives me a beep with blue light blink for a sec and doesn’t turn on. i don’t know whats the issue. when i bring it back to dubai it works fine. i dont know what may be the issue here. this has happened with me twice.

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It sounds like it’s not getting the power it needs in India. Some things you can try are making sure it’s plugged directly into a good wall outlet and make sure it’s not plugged into a power strip. Other than that it may just be that the area in India just doesn’t have enough power in the electrical system. I’ve heard of others who have had this same issue.

Hope that helps.

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Is there a solution for this????


Not that I know of. From my limited knowledge (just from what others have told me) some parts of India's power system just does not deliver enough power.


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In India I would use a UPS Battery Backup to insure a proper electrical flow.

This one is small and more portable.

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