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Kinect is a gaming peripheral for the Microsoft Xbox 360. It allows for audio and video input to let the player be the controller.

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What are the physical dimensions of the Kinect device?

What is the height, width and depth of the Xbox Kinect camera, and does the cable require you additional clearance from the wall beyond the overall depth of the device?

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Of course you are asking this because you want to either repair it and/or incorporate your Kinect into a different entertainment center, thus making it repair related? ;-)

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The height, width, and depth of the Kinect itself should be listed in its user manual. Look through it to see if it's listed.

If not, a search on Google should bring it up.

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Michael Emery, just measured mine :

Length 11"

height 3"

depth 3" at the widest part (the base)

the cable exits from the rear of the base, so you would have to give it some extra depth to accommodate it. Good Luck and I hope this helps.

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420 cm hieght

420 cm lenght

420 cm depth

just measured her up braz

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Thank you this helped a lot

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@blazeit your measurement make the Kinect a cube. You want to double check this? You also want to refrain from having your super ego vote up your wrong answers.

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