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A point-and-shoot camera by Kodak released in 2006.

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Ive got dust inside my lens

I just bought a kodak z650. It takes great pics but there is a lil dust or ash inside my lens. About 5 small specs. Can I clean without a total disassemble.

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Don I would do anything to not take the lens out of the outer barrel... The grooves on the inner barrel are a nightmare to realign. I did the teardown for this camera, its my favourite camera, but kodak make things tricky! Take a look at the teardown, I'll take another look at some spare lens I've got and see how to go about it. Won't be until much later today tho. I'd leave it otherwise, last thing you want is the dust moving and ruining your zoom

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what tear down?


sorry don, have just tried to take the lens apart to get to the part you want. a)you need to do most of the teardown. remove front and back cover, remove logic board, remove ccd, then remove lens from body of camera. you need to separate all the lens barrels to get to the lens..the hardest parts are aligning the cogs on the top of the lens and aligning the lens barrels back again. there is no help I can give for that apart from trial and error and be VERY careful of your flex cables as you remove and replace them through the cover that holds the ccd.


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