Dropped my phone and now the receiver speaker sound comes out of back?

I have a military-grade ballistic case on it, but mostly it just protects the corners with thick rubber. However, I think it fell flat on its back and landed flat on the plastic back cover of the case. Nothing seemed wrong until I received a call days later and noticed that the speaker for the earpiece seems to put out more sound from the back of the phone than the earpiece area. It is like the speaker has “moved around” towards the back of the phone near where the camera is or something. Very odd issue. I can still hear it some from the front, but I think the speaker has somehow turned around to the back and I’m just hearing a muffled version through the phone.

Is this something that I can fix on my own? No idea how to take this phone apart without breaking it. I would have thought that the speaker for the earpiece would be one that is solid state and soldered into place, so I’m wondering how this happened.

What can I do about it? The phone works fine. If I turn my phone around and put the camera side up to my ear, I literally hear it as well as if I was holding the phone up properly. Also, the microphone is on the bottom of the phone and in the same place regardless of which side of the phone you’re holding, but it looks odd to talk on it like this

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