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3D mechanical puzzle invented in 1974

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I Cannot Put Last Piece In

I have watched Every video every guide and cannot get the last piece in

for the new rubix cube

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It should just snap in place...can you post a picture of your cube and the last element next to it?

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i cant even get it in i got it in last time but i dont remember how

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As you probably have seen in the videos and the guides, standard procedure is to build up the cube until only one edge piece (which has two faces) is left. Then turn the top layer 45 degrees and push in the remaining piece. This requires some force, especially in new cubes.

However … You will need all the play that is available in the cube which is why this is best done holding the cube in your hand, not on a hard surface. Allow as many pieces as possible to give way a bit.

Alternatively: Each of the six (one face) centerpieces has a screw inside. You may be able to remove one of the six covers and unscrew the piece.

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If the last piece is just an edge piece, pull the adjacent pieces to the side and push in the final piece while you are rotating the the final piece into place. Might take force.

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