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Adaptador de corriente alterna magnético de segunda generación para productos MacBook, lanzado por primera vez en 2012. No es compatible con sistemas de generaciones anteriores Disponible en versiones de 45W, 60W y 85W.

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Magsafe 2 60w: How to identify power connections on board?

RE: Magsafe 2 60w (for 13.3” MB Pro retina)

I’m attempting to replace the power cord on one of these

and want to check the correct connections.

I’m soldering the replacement cord to the connections on the board in this case, in want to know the correct wires to solder which terminal. The replacement cord I have has one inner white sheathed wire and an outer bare wire surrounding it that needs to be separated (see image. 1 below).

Block Image

I’m aware of how to strip/ separate/ prepare these based on the guides on here, but I’m unsure of which terminal to connect them to on the MagSafe’s board.

Below is an image of the Magsafe’s board I have.

Question is: which terminal to connect the white (inner) wire to, and which the bare (outer one?)

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

It could be the case I’ve killed it already on my first attempt. Previously I repaired the same by just soldering to the existing wire - which may have been a better option…

Any advice much appreciated.

thanks greatly - SS

Update (01/28/2019)

Thanks greatly, that’s pretty helpful; it’s hard to tell for sure the correct way round from that video though, it ‘looks’ like it’s the white (inner) wire to the terminal nearest the yellow capacitor.

Can anyone here give a more definitive answer maybe?

ie: “ white (inner) wire to terminal nearest yellow capacitor “ for sure/ 100% / etc

Sorry to be pedantic here, just wish to avoid killing/ shorting it…


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Ok, I spent some time reviewing that video in detail and it evidently is the case that the correct connections are as follows:

* white (inner) wire to terminal closest to yellow capacitor.

* black or bare metal (outer) wire to other one.

hope this helps someone anyhow.

No luck in my case though, as it seems that either the whole charger failed in the first place or I shorted it when I connected it wrong in the first instance.

- de

Btw. The method of soldering in the wires in that YouTube vid is really nice; much less prone to screwing up the board in the process as in one of the tutorials on here. ie. clip wires off and solder to the stubs. = it’s well worth following that vid’s method in preference if you are doing this.

- de

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Here’s the guide I use for repairing these:

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Here’s definitive info I found on on this (below). There are markings on the circuit board - abeit very tiny - look for the ‘+’ (with 16.5v next to it) and on the other terminal a ‘-‘ sign below it. You’ll need a magnifying glass to see them. >>

Check the GRUD, Ground/N/Neutral/Nagative/-v mark and Positive/Live/L/+ve/+v sign of the circuit board. In your cable the white colour is positive and black wire is negative. If there are no marks which is unlikely than use amp meter to check the polarity. Wrong polarity can damage the charging chip so do not just guess if not sure

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The black wire equates to the outer ‘bare metal’ wire on some of these power cord replacements

- de

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