seriously help, freezed unusable cant even touch screen

Bought this second hand, it’s updated to android newest one, so it seems to work for a few second after a reboot, then it just freezes now sometimes I can get the screen to come on and the seconds hand still movies other than that I’m &&^&@@ because nothing respond no buttons the screen might as well be &&^&^$^ non touch screen it’s literally bricked to &&^&

yes ive factory reset and installed everything again yes I’ve cleared the cashe in the recovery mode,,, I’m not stupid this watch is &&^&@@

wtf can I do here? Like people seriously aren’t saying this is a good watch are they? From what I heard it was which is why I bought it so what the flying &&^& here?

Ohh boo I’m not mad at all after buying a smart watch what don’t work boo I’m totally calm surel

Course I’m bloody not

so what now? I don’t get why this piece of $@$* is so slow I literally cannot do jack $@$* apart from wake screen and see the second hands moving no joke nothing &&^&^$^ else I can do

sometimes if I ho,d the voice assistant it moves to that screen but yeah it’s that slow it wont even begin to get anywhere the voice things don’t even move because it’s not doing it

so what’s going on? Do u need me to tell u the versions or anything to help u?

Says on box box made in Korea well I definitely know they are &&^&^$^ trash engineers then

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