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The Garmin Fenix 3, model number 010-01338-00, is a smartwatch released by Garmin in 2015 with Bluetooth and GPS capabilities. It comes typically in grey or black.

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Can I replace a malfunctioning weather sensor?

Hi, I have this unpleasant situation with my Fenix 3 w/ OS 8.9, which I’ve bought just 3 years ago: suddenly , I can’t get temp, pressure or altitude readings, just a dash or nothing in return. Trying to calibrate the altitude manually will result in a ‘calibration failed’ message. The GPS method returns the altitude from sats but can’t set it either (same fail message).

So, GPS, compass and everything else are working just fine, all except this all-in-one ‘weather’ sensor - for temp&airpressure - that comes solded on the chasis, separated from the motherboard and connected through 3 pins.

Outside cleaning/rinsing of the sensor inlet ports and factory defaults didn’t solve anything.

As warranty expired and Garmin policy exclude service (allegedly), is there any way to fix this? :)

Thank you

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I have the exact same problem. After some time these functions might start to work, and then back again with no barometer/temp information. It also recently happened that altimeter values are continuously fluctuating (+-5m) while the watch is in a fixed position.

Did you find any solution?

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