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Released July 2018. Versions: Mi A2 (Global); Mi 6X (China)

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Phone not turning on

My phone is off and when I connect charger the led blinks 3 times and when I remove the charger and press n hold power button the white led keeps blinking but wont start the phone

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Hello @RishabBhattarai,

Your phones battery is probably faulty. You may need to replace it. Do this by following these instructions:

  1. Buy a Replacement Battery
  2. Remove the Screen:
    1. Remove the SIM card.
    2. Unscrew the two screws on the bottom of the phone.
    3. Use a tool to pry the screen from the phone (Be careful, so it does not damage the casing)
  3. Remove the three screws next to the battery
  4. Remove the Screen Flex Cable (Looks like a black ribbon)
  5. Remove the Damaged Battery:
    1. Remove the Battery Flex Cable
    2. Remove the Battery Stickers
    3. Take the Battery out
  6. Put in the New Battery
  7. Insert the Battery Flex Cable
  8. Insert the Screen Flex Cable
  9. Check if the phone will boot
  10. Drain the battery, then charge (This tests to see if the battery works)
  11. Power off the phone
  12. Take phone screen off
  13. Take off the Screen Flex Cable and the Battery Flex Cable
  14. Put new Battery Stickers on top of where the battery would go.
  15. Insert New Battery and insert the Battery Flex Cable and Screen Flex Cable
  16. Insert Battery Bracket and screw in the three screws
  17. Press screen back into place
  18. Insert two screws in the bottom of the phone
  19. Insert the SIM card

There is a video tutorial here.

If you need any help please reply to this answer.



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Hello dude,

Just had the EXACT same problem, solved it by opening the phone (2 screws to be removed next the charging port), disconnect the battery (just a small cable, it's easy af, many tutorials on youtube), plug the charger, reconnect the battery.

I read somewhere that it's due to a desync between the battery and the phone.

Good luck, I hope it'll be useful for someone ! I'm so happy to have repaired my phone <3

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