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Televisions made by the Chinese multinational electronics company, TCL.

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Replacement LCD panel for TCL 32S305?

Does anyone know where I can find a replacement LCD panel for a 32” TCL TV model #32S305?

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Evidently TCL doesn't want anyone finding out where to get replacement parts, I usually use but even they don't have a screen replacement.

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San po makabili ng panel screen tcl 32inches thanks

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I find TLC LCD led32d2910d

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Hi droped tv no broken screen but screen not visable

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Mag Kano po ang LCD screen ang model nya ay LED32D2500 salamat po

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replacement panels are very difficult to come by. If you can find a replacement it is most likely more expensive than a replacement TV. You will have to do a search by the panel number. Remove the back of your TV and take a look at the back of the panel. You should find a sticker on it that will tell you the maker and the exact number of the panel. Use that number to do an online search.

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Thanks, oldturkey03. I took it apart, but there was no label on the back, I guess because of its a LED LCD display. I did, however, locate a label on the connected T-Con Board that gave me the display Model #ST3151A05-8. Apparently you are right about the price too. Paid $120 for TV, replacement LCD would cost $88 with min purchase of 4. Best deal after hours of surfing the web. Could not find just one for sale.

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@fkdiscovery yes that is so common. It gets even worse with the larger panels. To bad that people have to abandon their TV's just because of broken LCD screens.

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In my opinion it should be illegal not to supply parts for something that cost so much %#*@ money

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Amen MissAnne!!

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I most definitely agree.

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