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This unit cools or heats the water it circulates through the ChiliPad mattress pad. Model: CP-CUBE

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Cube is leaking from the bottom of the unit any suggestions?

The unit in itself still works cooling/heating but it is now leaking from the bottom of the unit doesnt appear to be at the connect hose

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I would suspect the hose connections as seen in step#5 of this teardown:

ChiliTechnology ChiliCube Teardown

To test use a small artist type brush and use a dishwashing soap and paint it around the connectors. If you get bubbles, you have found where the problem is.

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Once you find the leak, how do you fix it?

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Seal the crack with a good product like this:

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I had to replace one of my Ooler hoses, they look to be food grade silicone. Easily bought at amazon but you have to figure out the size. I used aquarium tubbing to test, the silicone will be in soon.

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