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Repair information for the Samsung Chromebook Plus. Released in February of 2017. Model number: XE513C24.

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Samsung Chromebook Plus keyboard issue

I have a Samsung Chromebook Plus that will stay in tablet mode (i.e. keyboard and trackpad don't work) when I start it. All the touch screen and pen features work fine, I can log on using the onscreen touch keyboard. If I fold the screen back and us it in tablet mode then try to go back into laptop mode the keyboard and trackpad stay locked out. When this happens I can plug in a mouse and use it as a pointing device with no problem.

The problem is intermittant. Somtimes when I've used it fir a while, the keyboard and trackpad come back. Every so often the keyboard and trackpad stay locked out the whole time I'm using it. Sometimes the keyboard and trsckpad will work straight away.

I'm thnking this might be a hardware issue with a cable that needs to be re-inserted or replaced. Has anyone else encountered this and/or have guidance for opening the chromebook and checking the cable?

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I’ve had a Chromebook plus (Still have) for me everything i own.. TVs Phones etc is Samsung.. i too had your problem as well as my touch screen broken etc oh also if i can remember right.. a screw came out the bottom once.. All my problems where hardware.. so, Unless you can send it back for warranty.. buy a Asus Flip or like me i brought the Google Pixel-book.. you may not like the price.. but i can honestly say its going to be cheaper in the long run . Ive never seen such poor build quality in Samsung.

Also have you done a hardware reset.. Refresh and power together (Do it while the chromebook is running)

Regarding opening the CB+.. if you leave it long enough.. it will full apart, so its done the job for you

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