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Pentalobe screw water seals

are there any water seals associated with the pentalobe screws? I blew compressed air into my iphone 7 and two tiny square rubber gaskets (~3mm wide) popped out. They squares have a round hole in them. I can only figure they are part of the pentalobe screw water seals, but I’m not sure, and I don’t know how to put them back in the phone to restore the water seal. Can anyone offer a solution?

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The compressed air was to remove a very small amount of dust that accumulated during a screen replacement. While I understand obtaining IP67 protection is unrealistic, I would like to take as many precautionary steps as possible to protect the phone (e.g. reapplying the assembly adhesive and re-installing the pentalobe screw gaskets). If someone could provide instructions on how to reinstall the pentalobe screw water seals at the bottom of the phone, I would be very appreciative.

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So I have to ask…why were you blowing compressed air in the phone to start with? Did you fear there was water inside already?

The only way to put those little squares back in is to open the phone. That breaks the seal. While you could put a new screen adhesive in place, expecting it to meet the IP67 standards is akin to magical thinking. Apple can make it meet those standards when installed in a factory setting (clean room, automation etc.) but you shouldn’t expect that when doing it in your kitchen.

At this point, you should accept that your phone no longer meets the IP67 spec and be careful when using your phone in a wet environment.

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Sounds like they belong on the two prongs on the screen where the pentelobed screws hold the screen down.

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