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The Xiaomi Mi 8 Android smartphone was produced by Xiaomi, Inc. and launched in June 2018.

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screen totally not responsive but is lighting up.

screen totally not responsive but is lighting up. and the start up is a bit slower than normal

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Hello Enzo,

Did the unresponsive screen and the system slowdown occur at the same time? If so, both problems will likely be solved with a factory reset. This sounds be doable without a working touch panel. On many Xiaomi phones, you can get into the recovery many by pressing this button combination. But if it does not work for you, Google "my model recovery and h

1. Hold the power button+ volume down button until the phone restarts.

2. Use the volume buttons to select “recovery”

3. At the Android character, press power button

  1. ct“factory reset,” “ factory data reset" “ clear user data", or whatever option seems the closest to what you want, which is to erase the phone and start fresh.

Now, if you successfully reset the device and your touch is still not responding, you may need a new screen.

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