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Pantalla de 27" con resolución de 2560 x 1440 píxeles Conexiones de cable Thunderbolt y MagSafe

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Apple thunderbolt display weird issue with backlight

Hi guys, I am having a strange issue with my Thunderbolt display.

This was bought in November 2015 and worked flawlessly until now. Due to moving flat, I packed it in its original box and left it like there for 1 month. Today I got it out of the box and set it up.

After turning on, there is a “light” line that starts to show on the left side of the display just parallel to the screen border. It looks a problem of the backlight considering that it starts okay so there should not be any dead pixels.

do you have any idea or any easy fix?

This is a video to show the issue:

Thank you in advance for any help!

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You’er facing an under scan issue. This is where the vertical scan is falling short. Over time this can happen as the capacitors age in on the logic board.

I would leave it alone.

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Hi Dan,

Thank you for your answer. I always thought that the under scan would have given a black line (or band) rather than a light line, Thanks you for the info!

Do you mean to just live with and get used to it?

You mention the capacitors, would it be worth to change them out?

- de

CRT and LCD's are a bit different in how they work, here the vertical sync defines the placement of the edge.

Sure you could dig through the schematics and figure out which caps need replacing. If you have the skills and the tools I guess you could fix it.

I just think its not that bad and it could cost you more than the value of the display to fix it if you brought it to someone.

- de

Thank you Dan, I admit I always thought the underscan was black vertical line at the edges (both of them), never known it could also be a white vertical line on one side.

I think I will keep it like this, at the end of the day the line is very tiny.

thank you

- de

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